Advertising Signs of all kinds

AR DISPLAY’s individual advertising signs offer tailor-made quality.

We produce individual advertising signs tailored to your specific purpose and area of application, and according to your design wishes. Each material has its own properties with regard to its appearance, durability, cost and suitability for indoor or outdoor use. We have tested our materials in diverse environments and are happy to advise you on which one is best for your project.

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Werbeschild mit Flachschrift aus Einzelbuchstaben
Großes Firmen-Werbeschild für den Außenbereich


Werbeschild aus Kunststoff für den Innenbereich

Advertising signs made of acrylic glass / Plexiglas

Appearance: clear glass; pleasant deep-view effect from digital printing / decals on the rear side. Durability: good weather resistance Area of application: suitable for entrance areas, can be used indoors and outdoors Special properties: back labelling protects from damage and the elements.

PVC advertising signs

Appearance: silk matt surface Durability: stable and weather-resistant; UV-resistant Area of application: versatile, e.g. signs at trade fairs and indoors, information and construction signs in outdoor areas Special properties: lightweight; particularly low-cost material; offers double-sided printing


Aluminium advertising signs

Appearance: high quality and modern Durability: scratch-resistant; durable and corrosion-resistant Area of application: indoors and outdoors, e.g. as office signs with aluminium frames Special properties: light and robust

Aluminium composite panels

Appearance: smooth surface; modern and reliable through digital print labelling Durability: excellent rigidity, UV and weather-resistant Area of application: medium or long-term indoor or outdoor use Special properties: cost-effective, optimum combination of lightness and durability

Stainless steel advertising signs

Appearance: stylish, reliable, elegant Durability: resistant even under tough conditions, rust-free and extremely durable Area of application: indoors and outdoors Special properties: very high-quality material

Brass advertising signs

Appearance: golden Durability: scratch-resistant; durable and rust-free Area of application: indoors Special properties: elegant advertising effect

Werbeschild aus Aluminium für den Außenbereich
Werbeschild aus Aluminiumverbund mit Beschriftung mit Digitaldruck
Hochwertiges Werbeschild aus Edelstahl für den Außenbereich


Individual letters in anodised aluminium

Individual letters made of anodised or polished aluminium give an elegant, reliable and modern impression, very similar to stainless steel. The distance from the wall and illumination from above create an elegant shadow.

Milled Plexiglas letters

Elegant Plexiglas letters can be milled or lasered to different material thicknesses. Plexiglas is available surface-printed in different colours, but can also be painted in RAL colours. The letters can be used outdoors, since they withstand all weather conditions.

Werbeschild mit Einzelbuchstaben in Aluminium eloxiert


Schildersystem aus Edelstahl - ein hochwertiges Werbeschild für Unternehmen

Our stainless steel sign systems are the perfectly elegant eye-catcher for entrance areas. Made using the finest materials and first-class craftsmanship, they are the first choice for an appealing company presentation.

We offer different designs and configuration options. Depending on whether they will be free standing or for wall mounting, you can choose your individual size, material and appropriate lighting. We will be happy to advise you on what system works best with your corporate identity.


Whether indoors or outdoors, an elegant stele makes for a shiny appearance. Used as a free-standing lighting element, it will make your company visible day and night. We will be happy to answer your questions about suitable designs or the use of lighting elements, tickers and display systems (e.g. time or temperature).


Lead your guest directly to the destination – with clever signposting systems for public and business facilities, as well as escape route signs.

The ceiling dangler

The ceiling dangler with its modern design conveys a sense of weightlessness.

Wall signs

Our wall signs are available in a wide range of formats. Signs in large sizes can provide a lot of information.

Security imprints

Fire safety regulations stipulate that escape and emergency routes have to be marked in manufacturing facilities and public institutions. We provide a variety of escape route signs for ceiling, banner and wall mounting, both lit or unlit.

Wandschild für den Innenbereich


Bauschild mit Windabsteifung und Erdanker

You need to let people know about construction work? No problem! We will design and produce your construction sign based on your ideas and set it up securely on-site.

Wind braces and ground anchors ensure perfect stability: Ground anchors are firmly set in concrete into the soil, while wind braces prevent an excessive burden on the main girders.


There are several options for firmly mounting our advertising signs onto walls or ceilings or installing them freestanding. This often involves the use of stainless steel spacers, aluminium cover caps and presenters. Self-adhesive advertising signs for various surfaces are another option.