Illuminated signage

AR DISPLAY shows you in your best light.

Illuminated signage offers a range of possibilities for lighting up your advertising, both indoors and outdoors. We would be happy to advise you on the different options for your retail space, from illuminated individual letters and letter profiles to light boxes and brackets.

Grab people’s attention with illuminated letters

Illuminated letters are ideal for company names and other advertising purposes. The letters consist of one or two pieces made of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass, PVC or acrylic glass. LED or neon technology is used for illumination. Additional painting in RAL colours ensures an appealing emphasis on individual letters or the overall lettering.

  • Lichtwerbung

The classic: light boxes and cantilevers

AR DISPLAY also produces light boxes and cantilevers for wall mounting. These can be self-mounted or you can leave this to our professional installers in Berlin and the surrounding area. With this classic among advertising systems, AR DISPLAY guarantees that you will make the best impression on your customers.

Ideal illumination at the point of sale

From development to installation – AR Display offers illuminated room dividers and promotion walls, illuminated displays and tenter frames made with light-emitting textiles. Our illumination experts make sure your point of sale leaves the best impression on your customers.