Assembly Service

Nationwide optimum assembly of digital prints and decals

AR DISPLAY’s assembly teams are available in Berlin and nationwide to optimally position and firmly secure large-format prints and decals.

We are a reliable partner for advertising agencies who need to respond to peak order periods or do not have offices in Berlin.

With our committed and experienced assembly teams, your digital prints and decals will be in good hands. Assembly by AR-DISPLAY guarantees a timely implementation of outstanding quality.

We will advise you personally:

   +49 30 55153388


Our rollout teams are in the starting blocks

Coordinated by internal project managers, our advertising engineers, film installers, display designers and window decorators will renew your advertising spaces in all of your offices across Germany.

We make arrangements with local contacts, and receive and install the advertising materials. We also take care of the project administration and management.

After completion of the order, we will immediately hand over the projects, including protocols and photos for evidence. Everything will run smoothly; no need to worry.

The advantages of an efficient rollout

  • Reliable implementation of your advertising and shop concept
  • Consistent company-wide quality
  • An overview provided by your personal contact